Thursday, 15 May 2014

Kyle Leon Correct Execution Of The Dead-Lift

Spin preserves natural depressions: cannot allow rounding your lower back. Feet shoulder width apart arranged so that the knees do not extend beyond the plane drawn through socks feet perpendicular to the floor. In addition, Kyle Leon in his Review the socks are unfolded from the body center an angle of about 30 degrees. During the movement of eyes should look straight ahead or slightly upward. The back should keep their curves in all phases of movement getting Traffic by using simultaneous extension joints of the feet and body. 
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Thus, Kyle Leon say, its motion must be harmoniously and executed as one indivisible and without stopping. Hand during movement in a plane perpendicular to the floor and passing through the barbell. Correct execution of the dead-lift also includes a smooth ride, which is based on the feeling of muscle. That is, the movement should be carried out so that you could feel the work targeted muscle groups. Directly opposite this movement has accelerated motion with Bounces rod from the floor. Such an arrangement is usually practiced to increase the weight lifted projectile, but not for the study of muscles. Generally basic exercises in bodybuilding are performed to study the muscle groups, and not in order to rise as much as possible weight. With regard to the distinctive features of the technique perform various options under discussion exercises; the dead-lift with straight legs differs from the classic dead-lift mainly on the situation down.

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